I am from Varanasi ,UP and my son is now 2 and half year old. My son was having birth defect Hypospadius. This was first told by the doctor where my son was born. After knowing this defect to my son I was worried . I googled at internet about this problem and about doctors who treat this problem. I visited at Allahabad and Delhi to some good paediatric surgeon who treat this but after meeting those doctors I was not feeling confident to go with operation. At the last I came to Dr Amrish Vaidya at Jaslok hospital Mumbai. Dr Amrish Vaidya explained to me and my wife about this birth defect and operation required. Operation was done at Jaslok hospital by Dr Amrish Vaidya in the month of February -2015. After Hypospadius repair he is totally fine and looking like he was not having this problem before. Dr Vaidya is such a nice person and best doctor that I want to make my son like him.

I think Dr Amrish Vaidya is one of the best doctors in our country to treat Hypospadius problem .

AK , Varanasi

From the very moment we first met Dr. Vaidya, we knew we were in Gods’ hands.
His extreme dedication, patience, professionalism, composure, efficiency and precision removed every iota of anxiety and apprehension, and instilled all the confidence and comfort we needed as parents to prepare ourselves for, and deal with, our 18 month old baby undergoing a hypospodasis surgery under general anaesthesia.
Dr Vaidya recommended that the surgery be conducted at 18 months, which in our opinion, was the perfect age. He dealt with our fear of general anaesthesia brilliantly and we knew exactly what to expect. The surgery lasted for approx. 1.5 hours and went off exactly as Dr Vaidya had explained. The post operative care was absolutely fantastic and Dr Vaidya prepared us to deal with every symptom we witnessed, especially the pain, in the most practical manner. Words are not enough to express our gratitude towards Dr. Vaidya.

KP, Mumbai.