• Complications manifest most commonly in the week after removal of the catheter. Some may show up a few weeks later, while some may appear after several months.
  • Your child will be seen periodically for some years after the surgery to monitor his progress.
  • The commonest complication is called a fistula. This means that there is an additional opening from where urine will flow out along the line of the repair. Urine will then be seen coming out through more than one opening.
  • Other complications are a narrowing of the entire new urethral tube or a narrowing of the new opening which has been made at the tip of the penis.
  • Sometimes the foreskin that has been reconstructed does not look normal. Or the appearance of the penis may not look good.
  • Very rarely, the whole repair may give way, and the urine will then flow from the original opening on the shaft of the penis.
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